Will You Be Able to Have a Successful Business With Dressmaking?

Will You Be Able to Have a Successful Business With Dressmaking?

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Any kind of business can make a person be successful with it including dressmaking. However, with the world showing you how there are people who failed to achieve in making their business go as far as three years. Is it because there are too much competition in this market, or is it another reason?

If you ask the most successful entrepreneurs in this line of business, the most common trait that you will notice from them is perseverance, planning and the determination to find the solutions to whatever trials they face. This may sound so old, but hold true to any kind of business venture that a person wants to engage into.


c64_sewing5You can find a lot of stories online about people starting their own business at home or just a little before they can make it big in their industry.

In their stories, especially with clothes and dress crafting, many will say it modestly that they were not that knowledgeable nor are they skillful with the craft.

Yet in their own words, they were able to go through any obstacles that they face.

What most of them did was make use of what they have at the moment. If you have the most basic equipment, such as a sewing machine that only possess a couple of basic stitches like zigzag, stretch and straight plus a buttonhole maker will serve your purpose really well and be less of a risk to you right away.

It will also save you a lot of money that many other beginners commit the mistake in doing so. Plus having a spare room to transform it into a special dressmaker’s studio will give you a head start in your business.

Get Funding for Dressmaking Now!

One of the hardest businesses to get bank loans for is in the clothing industry right now. The market is saturated and you need to prove you have a profitable business model. Many dressmaking small business owners are turning to alternatives like “high risk credit card processing“.

This looks like a scary term, but it means getting a credit card for your unproven business. You need to be able to track expenses and buy your supplies, and a credit card helps with just that!


Step by step introduction to dressmaking_600

Your business needs to go out there – increase your public visibility. Don’t focus your target within your circle.

You may have difficulty at first or hesitate to market yourself, but being in business means that you have to develop confidence that you are ready to accept orders and create good work.

You can start making calling cards and give them to every person you think will benefit you. But if this will not work, try other ways such as advertising your business through social media online.

You don’t need to pay a dime for this. All you need is advertise it in a social media account that you will manage yourself.

Create pages that are dedicated to your work. You get to advertise everything about what you are doing right now or the new dresses or clothes that you have made.



Dressmaking and Marketing

It won’t happen right away.

Don’t expect that it will happen in just a few days or weeks. You might be surprised that you will get your first commission or sale in the same week that you put up your ad, or even weeks, depending on how long you wish to run the ad.

Contact the local newspaper on how much you get to run the ad. You can find other ways to advertise your business, such as  word of mouth.

This is the best and most effective marketing, but you will need to give it your best in order for the people to notice your business.

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Making Money From Crafting Clothes And Dresses

Making Money From Crafting Clothes And Dresses

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If you have thought about making money from crafting clothes and dressmaking, then you are thinking about business. Perhaps you don’t want to, since you think your skills are not up to par with professionals. Whatever those reasons you are thinking into limiting yourself, as long as you thought of making money with it is enough of a reason to get you started.

What you will read below are not instant millionaire schemes, but the kind of serious business in which you can offer all your experience, craft and the wisdom into profit. While there are other ways of making it rich, you welcome any ways to increase your budget, and sewing is your current method.



Don’t just quit your day job easily. If you are taking your clothes and dressmaking craft as a home-based business, you will begin to consider yourself as a professional.

It doesn’t matter what kind of skill level you have right now.

Every professional goes through that phase. You will need to research about the taxes you will need to pay by establishing your home-based business and study competitive pricing so that you will not sell yourself short or make a price on your clothes that are out of the market.

You must keep records upon your business and pay close attention to the balance sheet so that you can see making a profit. Make sure that your expectations are realistic.

It won’t get you rich in just 3 weeks. It will take a while for you to see real profit. There are others that take months, others take years. What you need through your business is perseverance.

You need to consult experts in this field and learn from them – those that have gone in this same business before you.

The Secret to making Money from Crafting Clothes

You also need to recognize that you are turning passion of creating the amazing items of needlecraft into a work. For other people, it will take the fun out of it. Through your dressmaking you will learn to separate your professional and personal sewing environment so that you will be able to enjoy both worlds.

You will also learn to acquire a thick skin whenever you meet a disappointment or dissatisfaction of customers.

Acquire a crowd of supporters that will be cheering you on as you start heading out for your first commission or sale. These very same people are going to pick you up whenever it gets really rough and lots of discouragement from the public.

Should you go to School?


Should you be taking a degree in Design or any related course with dressmaking? That is up to you, but in these days, it is not necessary.

There are a lot of video streaming websites that will help you in your endeavor.

There are numerous videos, and the highly viewed ones are those that you need to take a look at first. They share their ideas with the craft for free, which will become your advantage since all you are going to pay for is the time to listen and learn from it.

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Making Profit From a Home-based Sewing Business

Making Profit From a Home-based Sewing Business

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Are you ready for a home-based sewing business? You started sewing some time ago and have treated it as your hobby. You are impressed at how skillful you are and thought that you might make a profit out of it.

It is possible to make your own sewing skills as your own home business, but depending on where your skill level is, you need to do your own research.

You will find stories that tell they have been teaching themselves, while there are others who share they went to dressmaking school to further improve their skills. It is all up to you to decide how you are going to improve your skills, but you should know first how you are going to start and keep your business afloat should you pursue making clothes and dresses.



Your first option is to take a dressmaking course. This is only if you are not sure with your dressmaking skills or just need some confirmation that what you were doing is the right thing.

Apply to a local college that offers dressmaking.

In this course, you will be able to learn more about drafting patterns on your own; marking, cutting and tacking fabric to give a perfect fit; identifying different fabrics and fibers and to oversee its appropriate care; and lastly, altering clothes.

After this, you need to acquire business permits or any other paperwork in making your business legal. You will also need to identify your target audience, too.

Not all people have the same tastes in clothing and dresses, so there must be a particular kind of clothing that you love to make.

It will also help you identify whether you are simply comfortable with simple alterations or create extravagant gowns and dresses. You also need to take into account the neighborhood you are in, especially if you are living near a school or a military base.

Look at the area where your dressmaking skills are high in demand.

Another option, if you are the adventurous type, is to learn by watching videos online. Just remember that the videos are edited and it could take time and materials to learn what you need to.

In other words, no matter which option you choose, master one thing at a time!


Your business will not work if you are not equipped with the right equipment. If you already have an existing sewing machine, did you check whether or not it is a heavy duty machine that can handle numerous jobs? What about hiring help?

Do have an overlock or serger machine? Don’t acquire other resources unless you expand your business or when it grows. What you need as of the moment are basic equipment in order to get going.

By the time you have identified all your needs, find retailers and suppliers that you want to purchase from starting now until the future. Don’t hesitate to ask for discounts, too.

Lastly is to create your own workspace.

All your materials and supplies need to be very close that you can reach it easily and a good enough space that will allow you to lay a pattern.

This particular space should be off limits from unauthorized people, even your own family except your clients.


You need to plan and educate yourself through the process of doing your home-based business and you can also avoid the common pitfalls that other dressmakers and clothes sellers face when you start your home-based sewing business.

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How to Start Your Own Sewing Business

How to Start Your Own Sewing Business

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If you find it in yourself that you have the talent to sew dresses and other clothes, you should try to make a profit out of it and start your own sewing business.Is it time?

If you have received requests from your friends, neighbors or from your own family that they want you to make a dress for them, this is an indicator that your dressmaking skills sell.

At first, you might find it difficult to start your business right away, especially if you are thinking of a place dedicated to your business since dressmaking can get really big and busy when there is a high demand. But there are things you need to consider first before you make your way onto the big brick & mortar store.



Start your Own Sewing Business with These Steps

There are different ways you should approach dressmaking, but what you need as a start is setting aside a portion of your home as your office. The best place is the spare room and turning it into your own dressmaking studio.

You will be able to take advantage of the office deduction for taxes. There are other business starters that already have a dedicated place for them to start that is far away from home, so if you have any, use that as well.

You should also decide afterwards whether or not you are going to sell your clothes or dresses either wholesale or retail. You have to make a decision whether you make more profit between wholesale or retail.

You should also consider your competition, as large companies into dressmaking and clothes selling usually go wholesale.


Look for a business license through your local government or at the administration office. This is needed, especially when your business thrives for collecting sales taxes from the local customers.

You need to apply for such license and inquire about things that can make you sell your crafts legally. They might ask you to apply for other licenses so that you can perform and start your business.

After this, you have to choose whether you have to look for a manufacturer or wholesale supplier that you can show your clothing products to. There are dedicated websites that lists down the names of clothing wholesalers. They will provide you a list in which you get into contact with. You should also take a look at the classified ads under trade publications to look for the potential wholesalers. Also look out for clothing manufacturers. Also, setup your own merchant account so that you can accept orders that makes use of credit card.


$_32It is also helpful for you to put up a website to advertise your clothing business. You can either go for a free website or pay someone to design for you.

It is best to choose the latter, since the former is too fixed and the themes are used by a lot of other websites.

You also need to promote your business either through social networks or mailing list. You can also make use of SEO services that will increase your visibility online.

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